What is Group Life?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience real community? To be a part of a group of friends and peers that really stick!

We are all designed for relationship. God's great plan for community is to sharpen and be sharpend by those around you. Until recently, small groups have played the largest part in relational growth at Family Church. But now, small groups have upgraded. Welcome to Group Life!

Group Life is similar to small groups, but with one significant difference. Instead of everyone doing the same curriculum at the same time, Group Life provides new options. Because we are all different and lead different lives with different interests and challenges, ages and stages, we have three categories to choose from: Community Groups, Interest Groups and Equip Groups. For more information about Group Life, watch the video below.

Jason Hinton
318.396.7959 ext 3107


Group Life Banner (PDF)